The New Dad’s Guide to Easier Diaper Changes: City Kiddos

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Dad' Guide to Easier Diaper Changes
Dad’s Guide to Easier Diaper Changes

When our first daughter was born,

it was a learning curve to figure out how to change a diaper, let alone feel comfortable doing it. It takes practice, but there’s also a method to getting a good change done quickly, cleanly and efficiently. Having all of these things at the ready made all the difference. No fancy shelf, furniture or a tool belt filled with stuff – just have these within arms reach and start mastering your change routine.

  1. The next diaper. No joke – do it before you forget. Not many parents think of ordering these online, however, there can be savings and the ability to order at 2am when you realize that you’re almost out. The number of times that my wife or I needed to run to the store because we were down to the last two or three could have been avoided, especially when the convenience meant we spent more than we needed to.
  2. Penaten  – avoid the diaper rash, but remember some of the containers don’t open easily with one hand and can move all over the place. This “tin can” style is the best one we tried because once the lid is off (do that first and keep it out of baby’s reach), it’s very easy to get as much as you need.
  3. Vaseline – put this down first before the Penaten. Our pediatrician explained that it created a stronger barrier and helps irritation from diaper rash go away quicker.
  4. Diaper wipes – especially these that come in a great case that’s simple to open when your hands are full.
  5. This magical toy kept our daughter a little calmer… this doesn’t give you the luxury to take longer, but it helps your kiddo move a little less. A close second for us are these soothies that we first got from the hospital.
  6. Peanut Change Pad – this change pad is comfy, ergonomic and allows to you choose a dresser instead of a change table. For our small nursery, saving space was key and we didn’t have the luxury of an extra piece of furniture. It also wipes down very easily.
  7. Dog poo bags – this was by accident. Complete accident. After not comprehending how bad smelly diapers can be and overlooking how the high price of a diaper genie was, our affordable alternative showed up. It was already in our house because of our dog. You can’t expect them to keep the smell in for an extended period of time like a diaper genie, but it sure keeps things in order to get those soiled items out to the trash in a nice, compact bag (and they are biodegradable).
  8. A bunch of cloths – We separated two different styles, one that was for bum and one for face. Simple… make sure you don’t grab a diaper routine cloth and start cleaning your baby’s face.
  9. Side-Snap Body Suits – In case of mess, having another onesie at the ready is required. Getting a major mess cleaned up can be challenging, especially stopping the poo from spreading elsewhere. Having a wrap-style onesie keeps your kiddo lying down and doesn’t need to go over their head.
  10. GroBag – While this isn’t part of the diaper changing routine, having a sleep sack sets you up for success. Make sure you can fully access the diaper region without taking everything off. It helps getting back to bed, however, it’s best to have at least two to cover laundry days and middle-of-the-night diaper explosions. 

Get the practice in, so you’re ready when a big diaper mess happens. Oh, it’ll happen, so take the time and be prepared.  

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