4 Tips to Stay Warm Outside in Vancouver with Kids

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Bring Hand Warmers 

A pair of gloves is often not enough to keep your hands warm on a frigid day. Hand warmers are economical, durable, lightweight and long-lasting. Since they are so lightweight, you can easily transport them with you everywhere you go. These hand warmers can last up to 18 hours.

Wear Suitable Clothing

CityKiddos always recommends wearing layers of clothing to keep warm. More layers are better than wearing one thick layer, plus, if you or your children are overheating, it’s easy to remove a layer to cool down! Are you prepared for winter and have all of the following items?


A warm jacket is essential for keeping warm in the winter. Make sure your kiddos are prepared every time they head outside.

Neck Warmer

This soft, fleece neck warmer will have your kid looking forward to heading outside. The neck warmer is warm, soft, stretchy, and perhaps most importantly, handmade in Canada! Let your kids be comfortable and warm.


This hat is made with superior knitting wool and a thick fleece lining, suitable for winter outdoor activities. Fashionable and super warm, this hat can be used all year, if needed. You never know what might end up being the next “it” item in the schoolyard.


These earmuffs are great for keeping your ears out of the cold! They are soft, comfortable and warm enough to allow you to brave the elements for prolonged periods of time. They are adjustable and collapse for easy storage. 

Waterproof Mittens

Adjustable on your wrist to prevent cold air or wind from getting in, these very soft mittens are also waterproof. Keep your fingers warm and dry this winter. 

Waterproof boots

Not much feels worse than soaking wet (and freezing cold) feet. Be sure to pick up a pair of waterproof boots that will be comfortable to wear for a full day of chasing your kids around town.

Hot Drink 

What good is a hot drink if it won’t stay warm? Try this bottle (link to some kind of insulated thermos) and keep your drink warm for hours! You can also check out our CityKiddos Directory to find a kid-friendly cafe nearby!

Carry Some Snacks

Kids will always feel colder when they’re hungry. One tip for staying warm is to have enough food in your system. Check out our recommended, kid-friendly bakeries around Vancouver here.

Stop fearing the elements and get outside! Not sure what to do now that you’re bundled up and ready to explore? Check out our list of seasonal, local events and activities to experience with your kids. (link to family-friendly events in Christmas)


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